Birds-eye View of Garden

IMG_3121 (1)

Birds-eye view from the 4th floor of Emerson place – a great place for watching all the squirrels, chipmunks and woodchucks rampaging through our gardens!

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Mid-September in the Garden

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Monarch on Garlic Chives


Monarch on my garlic chives – Canillas Community Garden. I am guessing this monarch was part of Saturday’s butterfly release in Colburn Park, a fundraiser for the Visiting Nurses and Hospice of NH and VT.



Love those polka dots!

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Polly’s Perfect Pepper


Polly planted pepper seeds way last April and kept them under a grow-light until well into June.  Transplanted, they languished on the hugelkultur for many weeks with little apparent growth; we just knew they’d never be red by frost.  Henry Homeyer, the “Gardening Guy”,  predicted by August 1st they’d start to grow . . . and they did. Look at this huge perfect pepper! The hugelkultur has been attacked by woodchucks, squirrels and chipmunks, but they have left the peppers alone. (Until this year, we would have said tomatoes were safe from mammal attack .  .  . ha! not so.  Notice all the 1/2 chewed ripe tomatoes there. Who knows what they’ll have a taste for next year?!)  Good work Polly!

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An Espaliered Apple – Celebrating our 10th Year


How do we at Canillas Community Garden celebrate our tenth year? We plant. When Henry Homeyer, the “Gardening Guy,” offered to plant and train an espaliered apple tree, it seemed a good way to celebrate the garden’s tenth year . . .  and we knew the bees would love it!

Espalier is a method of training and pruning a tree or shrub to grow flat, creating a living sculpture or fence. The art of espalier is said to have originated in the middle ages as a way to grow fruit inside the safety of castle walls.

This tree is called a “Hat Trick”. It has 3 varieties of apples: Honey Crisp, Sweet 16, and Zestar. Henry has promised to train and maintain it.  Thanks Henry!

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Pollinators Busy in the Garden

There has been an upsurge in pollinator activity in the Canillas Garden . . . and not just in the pollinator garden. Bees, butterflies, and an occasional hummingbird have been spotted everywhere.

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Bee balm is popular . .  here a bee and butterfly share the bounty!



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Bees LOVE Lavender!


The bees have voted – their favorite flower in the Pollinator Garden is lavender!

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