The Spiral Flower Garden

Polly & Liz

We are proud of our 31 raised beds, our bean tepee, our communal herb garden, our entryway gardens, our garden shed and beautiful AVA-painted sign . . . but the piece de resistance is the wonderful spiral flower garden. All summer long there is a progression and profusion of flowers: bleeding hearts, phlox, bee balm, lupine, lilies, irises, black-eyed susans, coral bells, echinacea, daisies, feverfew, poppies, and more. The garden is maintained through the efforts of two wonderful worker bees, Polly Gould and Liz Bickell. It is never static – there are always plants to thin, to mulch, to water, to prune, to replace . . thank you Polly and Liz from all of us who sit under the trees and appreciate your efforts!

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