Woodchuck’s Food of Choice

For 3 summers we have watched a woodchuck romping around the garden and the compost pile, and been amazed there was no damage to our gardens . . . this year our luck ran out. Broccoli is clearly the food of choice and almost all broccoli plants have been damaged. Woodchucks are really hard to thwart; they can burrow under and clamber over . . . we may have to relocate this one. I have moved the scarecrow to the other end of the garden and hung aluminum pie pans from the arms – the wind was blowing the pans around as I left. (How smart is this woodchuck?!)

Go Away Woodchuck!

Woodchuck! (Photo by Brian Cummings)

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2 Responses to Woodchuck!

  1. Indy says:

    Even our cauliflowers: almost all of them!

    • uvlocalvores says:

      Sorry to hear that Indraneel! I think it also grazed on some bok choy . . . the brassicas must be favorites (although I haven’t seen damage to the cabbages or kale . . . yet. ) I’ve read that woodchucks have been known to climb 10 foot fences! 😦

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