Downed Trees

Arriving at the Wechsler ball field for work on Wednesday morning, a Recreation Department worker witnessed trees crashing into the spiral flower garden. Parts of a multi-trunk box elder had rotted at the base and separated from the rest of the tree. Luckily,  no one sitting in the Adirondack chairs under the trees! Two chairs were destroyed, but the fallen trees missed the bird bath and did only minor damage to the spiral garden. DOUG MCGRATH, Rec Facilities Manager, and Bob Nolet, CCBA volunteer, made quick work of cutting up the trees. We had feared tree removal might do more damage than the falling trees, but Doug and Bob worked carefully with little damage to the flowers beneath. Polly Gould, the originator of the spiral garden, was out there Thursday, picking up leaves and branches, propping up fallen flowers, and clipping broken stems. NannyPolly&Helper1 Polly and her grandson carted off debris; aside from the loss of the chairs . . and the pile of limbs and wood . . . one would hardly know the drama that had befallen our garden.

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