Let the Gardening Begin!


Do you remember how glorious the entryway garden looked last year? And the year before? In the photo on the left you see Liz Bickel and Cherry Angell, two of our behind-the-scenes gardeners, who have already set to work weeding and edging the garden. And on the right, is Margery Albright, one of our most enthusiastic gardeners, who has already planted nasturtiums and was digging in a bit of organic fertilizer in anticipation of tonight’s rain.

What else might one plant on the cusp of May? Seeds of spinach, peas, carrots, rutabagas, turnips, swiss chard, lettuce, and beets can be planted now. One can see garlic, rhubarb, and chives up in some raised beds – the gardening season has begun!

For more planting date info from UNH Extension Service see:

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One Response to Let the Gardening Begin!

  1. mary connolly says:

    Hello gardeners, Could you forward this to all the gardeners? Not sure if it’s appropriate to advertise one farm over another, but it is all organic. Looking forward to planting! Mary The Norwich Library is holding a plant sale on Saturday May 9, 10am-4pm Sunday May 10, 10am-2pm 368 Main St, Norwich Al proceeds benefit the programs and material of the library. Plants are from Killdeer Farm Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 17:14:03 +0000 To: marytheresaconnolly@hotmail.com

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