Caught in the Act!


Do you wonder what happened to the tops of your kale, zinnias, or sunflowers?! Mary Connolly caught the culprit in action. Look at that garden – woodchuck heaven! (Note that this is one of the double-high beds; woodchucks are fat and they waddle . . . but they are excellent climbers. Some have been known to climb 10-foot fences.)



Al, in garden “P”,  has come up with an interesting solution to the woodchuck problem:  bird netting and short stakes. He says the woodchucks don’t like getting their paws entangled. He has stapled the netting to the raised bed so woodchucks can’t crawl up under the netting. The net is not so high as to prevent Al’s access to the garden . . but it does seem successful at preventing woodchuck’s access . . .  so far.

Several gardeners have used Al’s solution in their own raised beds.  Below, Judy is stapling netting to the scrap wood “strapping” she has attached to her raised bed.



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