As if swimming to the surface from underwater, baby voles emerged from the soil in Jean’s garden yesterday. These “plush little breathers” had been disturbed by the clearing and raking of her garden. It was hard to imagine their underground life, especially in this soft soil – how do they breathe? They seemed too young to be afraid . . . then up came their mother, who was not too young; she scampered away.
adultvole Poor Jean had wanted to plant garlic – would they eat it? The babies were very cute . . . but it looks as if we have one more garden pest to add to our litany of challenges: “They can have five to 10 litters per year. Gestation lasts for three weeks and the young voles reach sexual maturity in a month. As a result of this biological exponential growth, vole populations can grow very large within a very short period of time. Since litters average five to 10 young, a single vole can birth a hundred more voles in a year.” Wikipedia

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