Progress on Our New Pollinator Garden!

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Pollinator Garden

Our new pollinator garden is planted, and, miraculously, with the exception of a nibble on the borage, the plants have escaped our resident woodchucks!  Alyssum, thyme, echinacea, lavender, lance-leaf coreopsis, liatris, johnny-jump-ups, nicotiana, lupine, black-eyed susans, marigolds, bee balm, borage, chives, and sunflowers are doing well.  Late Spring through Fall, the pollen of the flowers will provide food for a variety of pollinators.  Small logs, sticks, and wood chips offer shelter. A shallow water bowl is in place .  .  .  as is a bee box, a ” bee condo” for mason bees and/or nesting box for leaf-cutter bees. As these plants bloom, we hope to welcome bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators to our garden!

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Bee Box on Garden Sign

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The Canillas Pollinator Garden has been created through the efforts of gardeners  Suzanne Church, Polly Gould, Cherry Angell, and Pat McGovern. (Thanks also to Lihlani Skipper for all that digging!) We are grateful for the inspiration and information provided by Barbara Mcllroy and the Upper Valley Pollinator Partners

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