New Pollinator Garden in Pocket Park!


Bird’s-eye view from Hanover Street bridge with Mascoma River in the background

Upper Valley Pollinator Partners have a goal of 100 new pollinator gardens in the Upper Valley.  Canillas gardeners have created a new one this year at Canillas and another in the pocket park at the west end of the downtown tunnel in Lebanon, behind Goss Logan Insurance. (The park had been developed as an Eagle Scout project of Jake Jasinski.) We have focused on long-blooming pollinator perennials that can take care of themselves: Purple coneflowers, bee balm, daylilies, black-eyed Susans, daisies, asters, cranesbill geranium, lupines. We are hoping when the Mascoma River Greenway opens next year, folks will enjoy a picnic lunch and the flowers, there by the waterfall. It is a wonderful spot!
Phase 1 Progress:
​August 12, 2017​ – no garden​

​​August 13 – ​Weeded and 2 sacks manure

​August 16 – ​2 more sacks manure and 5 coneflowers planted. Hard work – so many rocks and roots!​


 ​6 more sacks manure (8/18) and yellow daylilies planted ​(8/19)

Hard-working Paula!​

​​August 19 – added 3 asters, 3 bee balm, 2 black-eyed Susans,
 12 portulaca​

August 28 – Added black-eyed susan, 2 daylilies, daisy, 4 purple coneflowers, dark mulch with compost.

August 30 – ​2 daylilies and 1 coneflower added​ – lupine seeds will be planted along the back in a few weeks and alyssum to be planted, curving along the front, in the spring.  (Spring will be lovely with all the crabapple and the black cherry trees in the park!)
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