A spirit of generosity runs through Canillas Community Garden. A few unsung volunteers maintain and enhance our garden. As the garden season is drawing to a close, we would like to acknowledge their contributions.

Cherry Angell is indeed an angel in our garden.  She weed-whacks the surrounding area frequently and weeds and mulches the pathways between beds. She fills the water bucket regularly. Cherry has created and maintains beautiful entryway flower gardens and helped create the new pollinator garden. Her presence in the garden makes her a greeter of visitors, to whom she often gives tours. Cherry donated the benches in our sitting area and helped pay for the large oak tree planted this year on Arbor Day. Her daily, behind-the-scenes work is a huge favor to us all.  Thank you Cherry!


Liz Bickel (L) and Cherry Angell (R)

Liz Bickel has been a volunteer for years. She helps maintain many of the flower beds, including the spiral. Her advice, as a former professional gardener, has served us well. This year, Liz donated three raised beds to replace beds that were falling apart. She and Cherry have volunteered to replace three other beds next spring.  Thank you Liz!


Helen Brody

Helen Brody is one of the founders of Canillas Garden. She has worked to create lovely entry way gardens, including the crab apple tree which is especially beautiful when blooming in the Spring . . . and when laden with fruit in the fall.  This year, Helen maintained the herb garden and she and Cherry created a new entryway herb garden, open to the larger community – anyone can pick parsley, basil, sage, mint, oregano, etc. ) Helen also organized and helped pay for the Arbor Day oak tree planting and celebration. Thank you Helen!


Polly Gould

Polly Gould is one of the founders of Canillas Garden and the creator of the spiral flower garden which she maintains. In springtime, she grows and donates flowers and veggies for the spiral, the bean tepee, and the hugelkultur.  She orchestrated the building of our shed by the Regional Resource Center students in Hartford, VT. She and her husband Frank built the tepee and Canillas Community Garden sign. Polly created the two garden people (ok, scarecrows, though they are too whimsical to really scare anything.) She donated the locally made bird bath and helped renovate it with mosaic glass and pottery shards (some of which came from the soil in the garden.) Polly and Cherry helped build and maintain the hugelkultur which currently is producing lots of tomatoes and winter squash to be shared with Canillas gardeners.  Polly was also involved in the creation of the new pollinator garden.  Thank you Polly!



Suzanne Church has been instumental in the creation of the new pollinator garden at Canilllas. She has done research into the connection between pollinators, plants, people, and pesticides and is interested in promoting awareness of these issues.  Thank you Suzanne!


Paula LaPlant

Paula LaPlant is new to Canillas this year and has been a welcomed addition to our weeding team; imagine, someone who enjoys weeding!  She is a hard worker and helped create the new pollinator garden in the pocket park behind Goss-Logan Insurance. Thanks Paula.

Thanks to CCBA for the land, the liability insurance, the keeping of the books, and the general support and partnership!

And thanks to all the others who have contributed to the success of the garden!


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