Garden Committee


Polly Gould is one of the originators of the Canillas Community Garden. She designed and built the spiral flower garden and, with her husband Frank, created the bean tepee and the herb garden. They also made the Canillas Community Garden sign, (later painted by artists at AVA.)  It was Polly’s initiative that resulted in our garden shed being built by students at the Regional Resource Center at Hartford High.



Pat McGovern is a garden originator. She has secured funding for our building projects and is volunteer manager of the raised bed gardens. Pat is a retired Lebanon teacher having taught reading at Mt Lebanon School for 25 years. She is a local foods advocate and organizer of Upper Valley Localvores.


Cherry and JB

Cherry and JB

Cherry Angell  is definitely our garden angel; when there are tasks to be done, Cherry is there lending a hand. Cherry’s flowers beautify many places in the garden.







Helen Brody is also one of the original garden creators. She is developing beautiful gardens at the entryway near Emerson Place. Helen is an author (New Hampshire: from Farm to Kitchen and Cooking with Fire: Two Hundred Years of Recipes and Foodlore for Today’s Cook.)










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